This computer has an impressive 11.5-hour battery life for extra-long study sessions (or movie marathons)—making it the best laptop for college. 

Best Laptop for College Lenovo Yoga
Credit: Lenovo

When you're preparing for college, choosing a laptop is one of the biggest decisions you'll make. The best laptop for college depends on a lot of factors: the classes you'll be taking, the software you'll need, and whether you'll be bringing your computer to class with you. Making the wrong choice could mean lugging a far-too-heavy laptop for hours a day, or being tethered to an outlet at the library if you pick a device with a too-short battery life. And then there's the all-important question: a laptop or a tablet? Fortunately, the development of 2-in-1 convertible laptops means you don't have to choose. For those who want a computer with a long-lasting battery, a keyboard for typing ten-pagers, and the convenience of a tablet for movie-watching breaks and reading, the Lenovo Yoga 730 ($700, is the flexible (literally) device you've been looking for.

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Aptly named the "Yoga," this laptop-tablet hybrid has a cover that can flip around, turning into a flat tablet. When combined with a Bluetooth-enabled pen, the Yoga 730 is perfect for design students and artists who create digital drawings and sketches. And for those who prefer to admire art rather than create it, the flat screen is great for watching films (and did we mention the Dolby audio and Harman speakers?).

If you plan to bring your laptop with you to class or the library, a long battery life is crucial if you don't want to spend the next four years perpetually hunting for an electrical outlet (trust us, during midterms they are a precious commodity). The Yoga 730 can stay on for 11.5 hours without plugging it in once, so it can power through an all-nighter for as long as you can stay awake. And if you charge it for just 15 minutes (call it a power nap), it will run for an additional two hours. From scribbling down digital notes during a lecture hall to powering through finals, this laptop-turned-tablet is at the top of its class.