Best Buy will introduce a program that gives customers a chance to try electronics before buying them.

By Alexandra Schonfeld
Updated June 14, 2017
Best Buy Exterior
Credit: Best Buy

Investing in a new electronic gadget can be a big decision. There are so many variations of the same device on the market— how do you choose the right one? Customers can find lengthy reviews on retailers’ site to help narrow their search, but sometimes the best research tool is to see the item with your own eyes.

To help, Best Buy has announced a new service that will allow customers to rent products before they buy them. Of course, you can often get a good sense of an item from walking into one of Best Buy’s brick and mortar locations, but, with more customers straying away from in-person purchases, services like this could make online shopping even more effortless.

The service is not offered directly through—there will be a button next to the item on the retailer’s website linking to Lumoid—an electronics rental company. Setting up a rental through Best Buy’s referral qualifies shoppers for 20 percent off the rental cost in the form of a Lumoid credit that can be applied toward the purchase of the item, according to

Industry experts speculate that this could be a way for Best Buy to compete with online giants, like Amazon, that have the potential to push them (and many other retailers) out of business. Though Best Buy’s prices are comparable to those on Amazon, this new service could give Best Buy the leg up. predicts the service will be popular with newer tech items like drones and virtual reality headsets, since people are less likely to have used with them before.