It’s all part of the new iOS 10.2.

By Sarah Yang
Updated December 12, 2016

Now there are even more ways to express yourself without using words… just tiny, colorful characters. Apple added hundreds of new emojis with the latest iOS 10.2 update. As we reported back in June, the Unicode Consortium (the organization that regulates text and characters across all computer systems) had accepted new emojis—and now the latest software release is finally bringing them to our phone’s keyboards.

Apple had already added more diverse emojis in the first iOS 10 update earlier this fall, including female versions of the existing professional and athletic emojis that originally featured males (construction worker, detective, runner, surfer, and more). The latest batch of emojis includes even more professions for both males and females, including a scientist, teacher, pilot, and firefighter.

In addition to a variety of professions, new emojis are being added that were on just about everyone’s wish lists. The long-awaited characters include an avocado, bacon, and a fingers-crossed emoji. Of course, there are also emojis that reflect the zeitgeist of today, like selfie and facepalm versions and even one that looks like David Bowie’s Ziggy Stardust character. Nature lovers will appreciate more animal emojis, like a fox, shark, owl, and butterfly. Plus, the update features hundreds of existing emoji that have been redesigned with more realistic details, including the peach, fist bump, pizza, rose, and more.

To get these new emoji, you’ll need to download the latest update, which you can do by going to Settings > General > Software Update on your phone.