The online retailer is offering a new delivery service in select U.S. cities. 

By Brigitt Earley
Updated May 17, 2016
You may do it for your kids, so there's no reason you can't pack lunch for yourself, too. It's a great money saver―if you bring lunch instead of spending $6.50 per day to buy it, you'll save almost $1,000 a year. Portable bags of snacks are also a good way to tame costly munchies when the drive-through beckons.

In addition to same-day delivery, streaming services, and other lesser known Amazon Prime perks, the online retail giant is now offering a meal delivery service in select U.S. cities.

Starting Tuesday, Prime members in New York City can order food from more than 350 local restaurants and those in Dallas have a choice of about 60. Throughout the course of the year, Amazon restaurant delivery has rolled out in other U.S. cities, including Baltimore, Austin, Chicago, Seattle, Portland, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and San Diego.

Menu items are priced the same as they would be at the restaurant, delivery is guaranteed within an hour, and diners can track the status of their delivery through the app or the website. The only catch? You must be a prime member, which costs $99 per year.

The service is part of a program Amazon calls Prime Now, which also delivers goods from a handful of local stores and offers two-hour delivery for select household items from Amazon’s own roster of products.