These headphones pause sound when your name is called.

By Madison Alcedo
Updated August 02, 2016
Woman wearing headphones
Credit: Hero Images Inc./Getty Images

If you wear noise-canceling headphones, chances are you’ve been totally oblivious to coworkers calling your name. Or, more seriously, risked missing important sounds—like car horns—while out and about.

But Amazon’s forthcoming gadget might change all that. Amazon is proposing a set of noise-canceling headphones designed to listen to outside noises and mute sound when it hears certain trigger words, like your name or a doorbell. Any audio playing through the headphones would then stop to allow you to hear what’s going on around you. It’s unclear if users will be able to customize the trigger words or if the headphones will come with a default set of words. Regardless, the gadget makes important strides, especially towards addressing any safety concerns noise-cancelling headphones pose while worn outside.

Unfortunately, these headphones aren’t available for purchase just yet. Amazon, which was just awarded a patent, is still in the initial stage of design.

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