Expect some great deals on December 29th.

By Sarah Yang
December 21, 2017
Leon Neal/Getty Images

When Christmas is over, the shopping doesn’t stop there. There are sure to be some major after-Christmas sales to take in on December 26th—but you’ll want to mark your calendar for December 29th, when Amazon is having its second annual Digital Day sale.

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Customers will find great deals on digital content, including movies, TV shows, mobile games, apps, and eBooks. The sale comes at a perfect time, especially if you’re on vacation between Christmas and New Year’s Day and need a show to binge on, want to get a head start on your resolution to read more in 2018, or got a new Amazon device that you want to fill with movies, shows, and games.

Take a look at some of the deals below, and go to amazon.com to get more details.