The Internet went crazy when the store Tweeted out a definition of the term “Target Effect.”

By Tamara Kraus
Updated October 19, 2017

The other day, Target, a place where we’re easily convinced to buy everything we don’t need, Tweeted a definition to something we’ve all experienced quite a few times. It’s called the Target Effect, and it’s unabashedly taking over our lives.

In case you haven’t been hit with this kind of extremely contagious bug yet (if so, please explain how) or you didn’t realize this all-encompassing experience has a term, here is the official definition of the Target Effect, according to the prime suspect in the case: Target.

Target Effect: “The process by which a guest enters a Target store with the intent of purchasing one item, but leaves the store with many.”

While many of us have experienced this too-true-for-words phenomenon one too many times, we never really put a finger on what to call it. Now we no longer have to be at a loss for words when someone asks why you spend hours inside the addictive store.

Here, five hilarious GIFs to describe the feels we get when we hear, see, or even smell anything related to Target: