Be just as cozy at your desk as you would be cuddled next to the fireplace–even if you sit under a vent.

By Liz Steelman
January 02, 2018

We’re an unusually cold bunch, here at Real Simple. It’s not that we’re standoffish or detached—our staff members are some of the most welcoming, friendly, affectionate people you’ve ever met—it’s that we’re actually always freezing and bundled up. If you need further proof, our Editor-in-Chief Leslie gave each staff member a cozy wrap to keep at her desk this year as a holiday gift! So as much of the U.S. experiences a cold snap, who better to offer advice on how to stay warm than our always-shivering staff? Here, seven of their best tips on how to stay cozy—both indoors and out, no matter how low the temperature gets.

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