We all think of Costco as the place to buy items in bulk (at cheap prices), but there's so much more to this warehouse store.

By Megan Thielking
Updated April 10, 2018
Joos Mind/Getty Images

Costo isn’t just for stocking up on supersize packages of the stuff you use every day (we're looking at you, paper towels and toilet paper). There’s a surprisingly wide range of items for sale at the warehouse store, from diamond necklaces (yes, diamonds) to ski lift tickets. And you can buy most of these items online, which makes your shopping even easier. Keep reading for the surprising things you can shop for during your next trip to Costco.

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Joos Mind/Getty Images


Costco members can score discounted ski lift tickets to hit the slopes in Vermont, California, Oregon, and various places in between. You can also buy discounted gift certificates online—a $100 gift card goes for $79.99, for example—to save even more money at ski lodges.


Want to save a little money on your upcoming wedding? Costco sells affordable wedding flower packages for both bouquets and centerpieces.

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The store has a surprisingly extensive selection of hot tubs for sale to kick back in after a less-than-relaxing Costco run.


There is nothing low-budget about Costco’s jewelry selection. For a cool $500K, you can leave the store wearing 78 carats of diamonds surrounded by white gold.


If you need a new bag to go with your diamond necklace, Costco has you covered with this Coach carryall, Rebecca Minkoff satchel, or Michael Kors tote.


You can purchase passes to Universal Studios, Legoland, and more. Costco also sells “explorer passes” that let families hit up many of the biggest museums, shows, and aquariums in major cities.


In its morbid “funerals” department, Costco sells a selection of urns and caskets that can be shipped quickly.


If you wish to create a more eco-friendly lawn—or want to install a putting green in your basement—you’re in luck. You can custom-order fake grass from Costco.


You can outfit your home in a budget surveillance system that costs about $80, or opt for a comprehensive eight-camera setup that will run you $2,900.