Goodbye, bunny ears!

By Liz Steelman
Updated January 25, 2017
Susan Barr/Getty Images

You’ve tried bunny ears. You’ve tried books. You’ve even shelled out money on tools. But nothing seems to work—will your child ever be able to tie his or her own shoes? Never say never. A five-year-old just might hold the secret.

In a Facebook video shared by his mother, Ashley, Colton Lillard brilliantly shares a new hack for kids learning how to tie shoes. The trick? Sticking the plastic pieces on the end of the shoelace (or an aglet, for the word lovers out there) back into the lace holes so it creates a stable loop, then crossing them, putting one lace under, and pulling.

See the video below for a closer look.

Though Colton has achieved viral fame (more than 6.5 million views!) with his hack, he gives credit where credit is due—he learned the trick from his friend, River. So thanks, River, for teaching Colton the trick, and thanks Ashley, for sharing it with the world.

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