The “pink drink” is just the beginning.

By Laken Howard
Updated June 03, 2016
starbucks sign
Credit: Robert Alexander/Getty Images

This week, the Internet went crazy for Starbucks’ secret “pink drink”—both delicious and Insta-worthy (check out our review here). But this sweet beverage is only the beginning of the coffee chain’s lesser-known options. Starbucks (and tons of other places) has an alleged “secret menu,” with a storied history that dates back years. There’s even an app dedicated to helping Starbucks fanatics try kooky under-the-radar drinks.

While the validity of the so-called “secret menu” is up for debate, it doesn’t hurt to come armed with your own recipe and ask if your barista will craft it (which is what we did for the “pink drink” yesterday). Just be straightforward and don’t try to order something with a strange name to sound like you’re “in the know.” Next time you’re in need of a refreshment, try asking for one of these three summery “secret” combos.

This cold, fruity concoction is half Cool Lime and half Berry Hibiscus Refresher flavors, made with lemonade instead of water. To make it extra refreshing, ask to have it blended like a Frappuccino—it’s the closest thing to a slushie that you’ll find at Starbucks.

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For something equal parts fruity and sweet, try this liquefied take on the popular summer treat. Ask your barista for orange mango juice to the first line, milk to the second line, a cream base, and classic syrup (two pumps for a Tall). Then just add a scoop of ice, blend it all together, and add whipped cream. Bring on the nostalgia!

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This one is super easy (so you can avoid any eye rolls from a long line behind you): Just have your barista add black tea to a Strawberry Lemonade. It’s like an extra fruity Arnold Palmer.

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