This season was made for having fun. Here are five ways to have lots of it―without spending a fortune.

By Maura Kelly
Updated May 16, 2008
Film reel, baseball equipment, and tickets
Credit: Yunhee Kim
  • Buy a national-park pass. The $80 permit, good for a full year, gives you access to 58 national parks, from Acadia to Yellowstone. In addition to hiking and camping, many parks also offer white-water rafting and horseback riding. (Go to for the closest park.)
  • Enjoy a minor-league baseball game. Box seats cost about $15, which is $30 or so less than a comparable ticket at the majors. The stadiums are smaller, so parking is a breeze and the concessions have shorter lines. (To find a nearby team, check out
  • Go berry picking. There’s no entrance fee, the scenery is delightful, and you can find bargains on delicious fresh fruit. (Locate a pick-your-own farm in your state at
  • Be a tourist in your own town. City passes, now available in 10 cities nationwide, offer discounts on admission to popular venues, like museums and aquariums. Prices range from $44 up to $247 for a pass to five attractions located in Southern California. (For more information, visit
  • Book as a group. Many arts organizations will give a discount of 10 to 50 percent to parties of 20 or more people (and sometimes to groups as small as 10)