The last Sehuencas water frog a profile in order to save his species from extinction.  

By Liz Steelman
Updated February 13, 2018

As Valentine’s Day approaches, single people might be feeling that finding a life partner might just not be in the cards for them. Well, a frog with his work cut out for him just might make you realize your search for love could be way, way worse: You could be unlucky in love AND the last of your species, too.

Romeo, an 11-year old Sehuencas (pronounced “say-when-cuss”) water frog from Bolivia has spent the past nine years looking for his Juliet, bleating out mating calls to no one in particular. However, this lonely frog isn’t just unlucky in love—he’s literally the only of his species known in existence. Bolivian biologists brought Romeo into captivity when he was just a wee froglet, knowing that he was probably one of the last of his kind. What they didn’t know, however, was that in ten years of searching, no one would have been able to find another Sehuencas frog for Romeo to mate with.

So, like so many other single fellas, Romeo has finally broken down and resorted to online dating in hopes of meeting that special someone. The Global Wildlife Conservation and the Bolivian Amphibian Initiative have teamed up with to give Romeo his very own online dating profile in order to raise awareness for Romeo’s plight. The cheeky profile details everything humans put in their profiles: His dating history (“Never Married), if he wants kids (“Definitely”), his last read (“Frog and Toad Are Friends”) and his pet preference (“I’m sort of my own pet. I’d like a worm or snail for a pet, but I’d just end up eating it so maybe not.”)

Once on his profile, curious singles can watch a video about his story and access a page where they can donate to his mission. Since Romeo’s species usually live to around 15, time is running out for him. The Bolivian Amphibian Initiative hopes to raise $15,000 by tomorrow to cover 10 expeditions to the areas where Romeos were once known to live in order to not only find a Juliet, but also create a conservation-breeding program. Match will match all donations until Valentine’s Day as well. So, if you’re not planning on spending money on a gift for your bae this year, why not support another lovable single just waiting to meet their match?