Why order groceries for delivery, when you can have the entire grocery store come to your door? 

Robomart Self-Driving Market car outside
Credit: Robomart

Recently, everyone's been talking about two things: the best grocery delivery service (Is it AmazonFresh? Or Instacart?) and self-driving cars. Now, one innovative company is combining the two news-worthy concepts by creating a self-driving mini grocery store, called Robomart.

Rather than browse online for the groceries you want to add to your virtual cart and waiting for them to arrive on your doorstep, Robomart will bring the store to you, so you can search the selection in person. While online shopping requires that you already know what you want and eliminates impulse buys at checkout, Robomart lets you choose the freshest produce based on appearance, rather than rely on someone else to pick it out for you. Similar to shopping at a regular store, you may not have been planning to buy strawberries, but after spotting how fresh they look, you can make a more informed purchase based on selection. Plus, you'll only have to walk a few feet outside your house, so while you may need to pull on shoes, you probably won't have to change out of your pajamas just to get your grocery shopping done.

Based in Santa Clara, California and founded by entrepreneur Ali Ahmed, Robomart got a lot of attention at the 2018 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas earlier this month. Ahmed proposed that companies could rent out a fleet of Robomarts for a two-year period and can stock the refrigerated, self-driving vehicles with whatever groceries they chose, according to TechCrunch. Customers could order a Robomart on their smartphones (think, calling an Uber or Lyft), and before long, the grocery store on wheels would pull up in front of their home.

“It’s significantly cheaper than setting up a new store,” Ahmed told TechCrunch. “And customers can shop for goods without pre-ordering." So rest assured, indecisive grocery shoppers who'd like to personally inspect their produce: Robomart was made just for you.