You can now buy affordably-priced note cards and business cards from Anna Bond’s Rifle Paper Co. featuring an adorably illustrated portrait of yourself.

By Liz Steelman
Updated February 14, 2018

Rifle Paper Co.’s new releases are always a cause for celebration—from whimsical Alice in Wonderland-inspired fabrics to lovely floral printed Keds, everything Anna Bond and her team comes out with never fails to take our breath away. So we’re not surprised that we fell head over heels the first time we saw their newest offering: Stationery featuring custom portraits. Yes, that’s right: You can now get note cards that feature you as a Rifle Paper Co. illustration.

Yesterday, the fabulous lifestyle brand announced via their social media channels that customers could now order flat notes and calling cards that feature custom portrait templates. Users can log-on to Rifle Paper Co’s website and create a portrait using the different illustrations with a diverse selection of skin tones, hairstyles, clothing, and accessories. Think the American Girl Look Like You dolls from your youth, but for adults.

And it’s not just for stylish gals, either: The brand offers twenty different hair options for men as well, so you can order your husband, brother, dad, best friend and grandpa their own set of personalized business cards as a birthday treat.

Unfortunately, if you want to see what you look like Rifle Paper Co.-style, you’re going to have to commit to ordering. Though you can pick out all of the categories of the templates, there’s no way to generate a portrait without asking for the help of a Rifle Paper Co. designer. You’ll have to wait two to three business days after submitting your request to receive a digital proof. But thankfully, these custom portraits are a lot less expensive than others on the market: A set of 20 calling cards starts at $50 and a set of 20 flat notes costs $85.