Pinterest is about to make that baby shower you're planning with three friends so much easier.

By Claudia Fisher
Updated July 11, 2018

Pinterest is the modern bulletin board we all wish we could recreate in our physical spaces. If my desk cubicle could look a quarter as refined, organized, and aesthetically pleasing as any of my online boards, I'd be satisfied. If my cubicle walls could look a tenth as intricately crafted as the boards of more adept Pinners who I follow, I'd be even happier.

And now Pinterest has launched a way I can easily collaborate with those Pinners I admire (if they'll have me). Today, as an addition to the discovery platform's group boards, Pinterest introduced tools for you to communicate with your peers right on the platform itself in a new activity feed. According to a press release from the company, "You can weigh in with a quick 'like' or comment, @-mention a collaborator or reply to start a new thread. Only members of the group can see your conversations."

The activity feed also communicates other group happenings, like when someone joins or creates another section.

Similar to how a Facebook group works, Pinterest group board creators manage what's posted and can invite people they follow (and who follow them back) to contribute to the board. With the new communication tools and activity boards, hosting events like baby showers and birthday parties, planning events, or working together on projects takes a lot less coordination. In one centralized place, you can brainstorm and map out your plan with however many people you need.

Pinterest decided to make this update because the majority of users already are using boards to coordinate with co-Pinners on things like "birthday and dinner parties, holiday events and weddings with family and friends," says a company rep.

She adds, "[Pinners] are three times more likely to plan an event (and start twice as early!) than non-Pinners, as they use Pinterest to find and save easy ideas and new twists on the traditional."

Seems like the new activity feed features will only up the productivity of Pinning planners (whew, alliteration). So, what are you waiting for? Time to get planning on Pinterest for those end of summer BBQs and fall dinner parties.