RS is teaming up with 54 other brands to make sure your voice is heard because #OurVoteCounts.

By Real Simple
Updated September 23, 2016
Jason Doiy/Getty Images

The 2016 election is unlike any that has come before. And for women, like all Americans, the stakes are high: our personal lives, our health, our families lie in the balance. The votes of women in America mean more than ever in 2016—and their absence could mean even more. But in 2012, only 59 percent of women eligible to vote marked their ballots in the presidential election, while studies show millennial women are turning out at even lower rates than their older peers.

These troubling statistics have led us—the editors of 54 magazines and digital communities that reach over 73 million women readers—to push for change. Our audiences are diverse in almost every way—they are women of varied interests, ages, and races; they differ in their politics and their geography and their faiths. But we are committed to ensuring that all their voices are heard in this fall’s election, and, to that end, we pledge, together, to register a minimum of 100,000 women to vote before November 8.

We’ll be doing this in various ways: through our social platforms, our sites, and our pages, yes, but also by rolling our own sleeves up and hitting the road to register voters across America ourselves, in partnership with Rock the Vote. We believe the world is better when women are heard, and we want to do our part to help that happen. Quite simply: Our Vote Counts.

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