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By Sarah Yang
Updated December 08, 2017
Alan Copson/Getty Images

This year was a competitive one for those looking to buy homes. We saw rising home prices and low inventory—especially in coveted, popular cities like Seattle and San Francisco. We can only imagine that 2018 will be much of the same. To help prospective homebuyers with their strategies in the new year, the experts at just made their predictions for the best housing markets in the new year.

The team looked at the number of sales of existing homes and prices, plus the amount of new home construction in 100 markets. They also looked at the local economies, population trends, unemployment rates, and median household incomes to compile the list. Some of these are not very surprising and have been on similar lists before (like Nashville and Dallas), while others seem completely new (Deltona and Lakeland in Florida).

“People are going to continue to seek out pockets of affordability that remain in the market,” Danielle Hale, chief economist at, said in a blog post. “A lot of these places are more affordable than surrounding areas, yet sill have strong economies. Even though prices are expected to grow, most of these markets will still remain relatively affordable in 2018.”

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Take a look at the list below and see more details about each one at

  1. Las Vegas, Nevada
  2. Dallas, Texas
  3. Deltona, Florida
  4. Stockton, California
  5. Lakeland, Florida
  6. Salt Lake City, Utah
  7. Charlotte, North Carolina
  8. Colorado Springs, Colorado
  9. Nashville, Tennessee
  10. Tulsa, Oklahoma