Tax Season 101

Everything you need to know about filing your taxes—money-saving advice, shortcuts, and expert tips.

What Method Should You Use to Pay Taxes?

Check, credit card, or American Express points—which is best?

5 Steps to Simpler Record-Keeping

What bills, ATM slips, and receipts you should keep―and what you can toss.

8 Things You Should Know About Last-Minute Tax Filing

In a bind? These pointers could prevent you from filing your taxes late.

Do You Need A Financial Guru?

You go DIY when you have to fix a faucet. Should you take the same approach to your finances? Hiring a pro may help you save big. Here, six types to consider.

How to Cut Your IRS Debt

If you're having trouble paying your taxes or want to fight late fees, these tips can help you negotiate with the IRS.


Money Issues

5 Most Useful Tax-Season Apps

Organize your receipts, get an estimate, and even file your tax return with these ingenious phone apps.

7 Ways to Save on Your Taxes

Deductions you may have never thought of taking―some of them downright creative.