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You’re a clever gal.

Which probably means that your mind can have a, well, mind of its own.

You can talk yourself into things, out of things, even over things (he always did look kind of lame in his favorite fedora). When your mind is healthy, strong, and on the angelic side of your shoulder, talking you out of overspending, great. But when it’s a weak and flabby devil’s advocate, telling your better self, “But it’s on sale… and you’ll be getting that extra commission check soon,” then it’s time to bring in the big guns: a little combat training to beat those excuses into shape.

Below, your guide to creating a mind of anti-shopping steel: the top 10 spending excuses we use—and how to squash them. Think of these as squats for your spending “buts.” Now get to work, and repeat as necessary!