Laptop, cell phone, and letters
Credit: James Baigrie

Bundling could save you hundreds a year, says John Breyault, a vice president of the National Consumers League, an advocacy group. But: You must be a heavy user of all three services. If you watch only basic cable (like Comedy Central, not HBO), use a cell phone for most calls, or rarely use the Internet at home, you are unlikely to save with a Triple Play package—which, at press time, averages just under $100 a month, plus 20 percent more in surcharges, taxes, and fees—versus separate plans.

Bundled buyers, beware: Make sure you like all the services you’re signing up for, as opting out of a contract later could mean an early-termination fee as high as $480. And keep in mind that bundled-service prices could rise by up to $50 a month when your initial contract is up. Go to or to find the right bundled or stand-alone plan for you.