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Don't Pay a Medical Bill Until You Do These 5 Things

Up to 80 percent of medical bills may contain errors, experts say. Take these steps to check charges, lower costs, and avoid unhappy surprises.
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Is It Safe to Donate Money on Facebook for Birthday Causes?

Facebook birthday fundraisers have raised more than $300 million for charities since last year. Here’s what happens behind the scenes.
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How to Resist Spending Temptations

Is that little voice in your head saying “spend, spend, spend?" Here’s how to silence it.
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How Much Can I Really Afford?

$3.50 for a café au lait: Affordable. $8 for a tuna melt: Too much. 99 cents for an app: Unnecessary. $600 for an iPad: Essential! How exactly do we decide what’s a necessity and what’s a luxury? Real Simple investigates.
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