All you need is the updated app.

By Liz Steelman
Updated December 05, 2017
Target store entrance, Brooklyn
Credit: Bloomberg/Getty Images

It’s all happened to us before—you’ve gone to Target to stock up on the essentials, only to get to the checkout line to realize, oops, you’ve forgotten your wallet! In the past, this meant that you’d have to leave your full cart and head home, but a new update to the store’s smartphone app changes everything.

In a post on Target’s corporate blog, the retailer announced that its updated iOS and Android app now include mobile payments, meaning that you can store your Target REDcard in a digital “wallet” via the app, and scan at checkout for a quicker experience. Yes—even if you’ve forgotten your Target REDcard in your other purse, you can still score that sweet five percent discount.

In another brilliant move, paying with the mobile wallet allows you to redeem Cartwheel offers and Weekly Ad coupons and pay with a single scan, meaning not only do you get to reduce your time at the checkout counter, you also max out your savings with minimal effort.

Though not currently included in the updated app, gift cards will soon be able to be stored in the wallet as well, clearing up room in your physical wallet.

Want to check it out for yourself? Just update or download your Target app in the App store for iOS users, or via the Google Play store for those using Android.