11 Apps That’ll Save You Money on Almost Anything

Save dollars without pinching pennies. These apps will ensure you get more bang for your buck on everything from sports tickets to doctor visits.


Save on: Cars

Photo by edmunds.com

App: Edmunds
Browse nearby dealer inventories on the Edmunds app and lock in offers. Then use the app to compare those offers to invoice, MSRP, and the average price paid for that car in your area. To get the full picture of how much a particular car might cost over the next five years, the “True Cost to Own” feature will take into account things like depreciation, insurance, fuel, and repairs.
For: iOS and Android
To buy: free, edmunds.com.



Save on: Cell Phone Bills

Photo by play.google.com

App: Opera Max
Avoid data overage charges with Opera Max. Download the app, connect to the “data savings cloud,” and the app will save data by compressing videos, photos, and media in your apps and websites over mobile and Wifi networks (without a noticeable loss of quality). It also monitors your monthly and daily data usage, as well as how much data each app uses so you have a better understanding of where your gigabytes are going.
For: Android
To buy: free, play.google.com.



Photo by gasbuddy.com

App: GasBuddy
GasBuddy shows you the current gas prices at all the stations near you so you can decide on the best spot to fill up your tank. The prices are crowd-sourced from GasBuddy users. By contributing prices, you can earn points to enter a daily drawing for a $100 gas card.
For: iOS, Android, BlackBerry, and Windows Phone
To buy: free, gasbuddy.com.


Save on: Skincare

Photo by sprucehealth.com

App: Spruce
Save money on treatment for skin conditions like acne, bug bites, or eczema without wasting time in a waiting room. For $40, Spruce will pair you up with a dermatologist to give you a diagnosis, treatment plan, and any necessary prescriptions (for an extra cost). You’ll also get 30 days of messaging for follow-up care. Right now the service is only available in 14 states, but more are coming this fall.
For: iOS and Android
To buy: free to download, sprucehealth.com.


Save on: Food

Photo by outtoeatwithkids.com

App: Out to Eat With Kids
Find nearby restaurants that are offering specials on kids’ meals via Out to Eat With Kids. You may not realize how many places have early bird deals or let kids eat for free with an adult who purchases an entrée. Users submit specials they see at restaurants and the company verifies them before adding to the app.
For: iOS and Android
To buy: free, outtoeatwithkids.com.


Save on: Home Improvement

Photo by fountain.com

App: Fountain
Have a decorating or appliance-repair question? Ask an expert through Fountain’s app. Advice is free right now, but in October the company will start charging $3.99 for five minutes of talk time (including video) or 10 text messages (which is still cheaper than hiring a pro to make a home visit!). Legal, medical, and veterinary questions will cost $6.99, and tutoring will run you $1.99 for the same amount of time.
For: iOS and Android
To buy: free to download, fountain.com.


Save on: Investing

Photo by robinhood.com

App: Robinhood
Most e-brokerages charge a fee for every stock trade you make. Robinhood doesn’t. That can save you up to $10 per trade! The company earns interest on customers’ cash balances that haven’t been invested yet, but customers are never charged and there are no account balance minimums. Trading stocks on your phone has never been this easy or this cheap.
For: iOS and Android
To buy: free, robinhood.com.


Save on: Parking

Photo by bestparking.com

App: Best Parking
Save time and money by comparing parking costs before you park in 105 cities across the U.S. and Canada. Search for your city or have the Best Parking app use your GPS location, select the hours you plan to park your car for, and you’ll see the different costs at various sites nearby. Some places even let you reserve and pay for parking ahead of time through the app.
For: iOS, Android, and Blackberry
To buy: free, bestparking.com.


Save on: Tickets

Photo by itunes.apple.com

App: SeatGeek
This aggregator for sports, music, and theater ticket goes beyond comparing ticket prices. For most major venues and many smaller ones, SeatGeek assigns a “Deal Score” to every ticket, letting you know if the price you’re seeing is a good value. Some factors that affect the score: historical ticket prices, the row location, the expected sightline from the section, and the quality of other available tickets.
For: iOS and Android
To buy: free, seatgeek.com.


Save on: Travel

Photo by getairhelp.com

App: AirHelp
Flight cancelled? AirHelp may be able to get you compensation from the airline. Enter details about your flight and it will tell you if you’re eligible and how much money you’re legally entitled to. You don’t have to do anything else! There’s a 25 percent commission fee for successful claims, but AirHelp does the hard work for you.
For: iOS and Android
To buy: free, getairhelp.com.


Save on: Women’s Fashion

Photo by poshmark.com

App: Poshmark
Poshmark makes it easy to buy and sell clothing and accessories right from your phone. Download the app, select a few of your favorite brands, and you’ll get suggestions for women to follow with similar styles. You’ll know when they empty their closets so you can score deals like a $125 Zara necklace with the tag still on for just $27 or $125 Lululemon pants for about $50.
For: iOS and Android
To buy: free, poshmark.com.