24 Hours of Savings

Live well, spend less: How to cut back on daily expenses, from morning (your latte) ’til night (your bedtime reading).

Photo by Moira Millman

If you usually sip a $3 Starbucks latte…

…swap it for a misto.
A misto (brewed coffee with steamed milk, as opposed to espresso with steamed milk) costs about $1 less per “tall” cup. If you prefer a stronger brew, order a short latte (50 cents cheaper), which has less milk but the same amount of espresso as a tall.

If you want something warm and sweet (but not necessarily caffeinated), try a tall steamed milk with a shot of flavored syrup, which is 50 cents less than a flavored espresso drink.

If you spend hundreds each year on driving and parking…

Carpool. Look for fellow riders in need online at eRideShare.com, a ride-sharing community.

Embrace public transit. To find the quickest route, go to hopstop.com (which covers metro areas) or Google Transit (google.com/transit). If you’re airport-bound, book a ride on Super-Shuttle (supershuttle.com), which provides affordable transport to and from 33 airports in 26 U.S. cities.

If you pay $1.50 for a daily newspaper…

…get your news from an online aggregator.
There are a slew of websites that compile the biggest stories in one convenient and earth-friendly place. Here are a few favorites.

  • thedailybeast.com  Check out the Cheat Sheet, a curated list of the top news and human-interest stories from across the Web.
  • news.google.com  A free equivalent of the AP wire service, this site has up-to-the-minute stories from thousands of sources.
  • newser.com  Like viewing dozens of TV news channels at once, Newser distills the day’s news into a photo, a headline, and two easy-to-digest paragraphs.
  • alltop.com  Short for “all the top news,” Alltop is useful if you want to scan dozens of headlines at once on a broad topic, like health.