11 Hidden Costco Benefits You Had No Idea Existed

Don’t miss out on these member-only benefits.

For $60 a year (plus tax), you can buy as much bulk toilet paper and groceries as your heart desires, but shopping at Costco can also feel like you walked into a football stadium that sells turkeys and napkins. If you find yourself fighting off shopping cart road rage and spending far too long searching for the items on your list in those cavernous aisles, you might be wondering if that Costco membership is worth it. Wonder again: What many Costco members don't realize is that Costco benefits extend far beyond buying in bulk.

Costco benefits - membership benefits of having a costco card

From vacation options to discount gas, Costco benefits can help you save money in almost any area of your life. Some are so great that they may make the membership a good value to people who don't buy in bulk at all. If you're not always sure that a membership card is worth it, consider some of these extra Costco perks we dug up.

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Travel Deals

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Whether you're hoping to jet-set to Europe or take a Caribbean cruise, your Costco membership can help you save on your vacation. The company offers savings on hotels (it's partnered with Best Western and Hyatt), rental cars, theme park packages, cruises, and more. Turns out, the company can score group discounts by booking together that you couldn't get yourself (similar to how they get bulk discounts in the store), The Huffington Post reports. Costco's travel experts will help you plan and book your vacation, too.

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Prescription Discounts

Members who currently don't have prescription drug coverage can enroll in Costco's Member Prescription Program, which enables them to get lower prices for an extensive list of prescriptions. Savings are estimated between 2 and 40 percent off, and pet medications are available as well.

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Technical Support

So you finally splurged on that new TV, but now you have no idea how to set it up? Not to worry: You can receive free tech support over the phone for any major appliance you purchase from Costco, whether it's a flat screen TV or a piece of exercise equipment.

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Author Signings

Costco warehouses across the country host book signings with local and high-profile authors (both Martha Stewart and cookbook author Danielle Walker have held book signings at Costco). You can check out the authors coming to your local Costco on their website.

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Hearing and Vision Exams

At Costco's Hearing Aid Centers, members are eligible for free hearing tests, product demonstrations, and check-ups. You can also get an eye exam at Costco Optical.

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Bottled Water Delivery

Spring, purified, and artesian water are all available for delivery to your office or home. Exclusive pricing is available for members, starting at $5.99 per bottle. Dispenser rental prices are discounted, as well.

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Discounted Movie Tickets

Stressed out by how expensive movie nights can be? Save a little by buying four-packs or 10-packs of movie tickets, which are valid for any movie, on any day, at any time at Regal Cinemas, United Artists Theaters, and Edwards Theaters nationwide. (Don't worry, they never expire.)

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Discounted Insurance

Whether you're buying a car or moving to a new home, you can get insurance coverage, benefits, and exclusive discounts on auto, home, condo, and renters insurance through Ameriprise. You can receive free insurance quotes and flexible payment plans, too. Costco also offers health, vision, and dental plans, as well as identity protection.

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Business and Personal Checks

Been meaning to order new checks? Offered in a wide variety of designs, members can buy business and personal checks, as well as forms and other accessories (envelopes, ink stamps, address labels, etc), for an average of 50 percent off typical bank pricing.

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Home Mortgage Options

Members receive competitive rates and discounts on lender fees, and mortgage options are available through a third party for a variety of loan sizes.

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Low Gas Prices

Costco gas stations are open to Costco members only, and they promise high-quality fuel at a cheaper price. The stations are specifically designed for efficiency, too. (Think one-way traffic and extra long hoses.)

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