Consider these industry secrets before taking home your new mattress.
Illustration of man standing outside a store with sign reading Mattress Factory

“It’s notoriously difficult to shop for a new mattress. Manufacturers may produce one model but give it up to 10 different names, depending on which retailer sells it. That can make it tricky for consumers to compare prices. You need to study the specifics on the tag of the mattress you want. [Note how many springs and comfort layers it has, along with the list price.] Then take those specs to a mattress purveyor, such as Sleepy’s or a department store, that promises to match or undercut the price of a comparable model offered by a competitor. Many merchants don’t advertise this, so you may need to ask.

“When you’re shopping, be sure to consider more obscure brands. Lots of smaller companies offer excellent quality for 30 to 50 percent less than the more widely advertised ones. Once you make a selection, proceed with caution if you’re offered free shipping. Some stores simply fold the shipping fee into the total cost. Even if you pay for delivery—$69 to $150 on average—the overall amount could still be lower. Finally, consider waiting until a mattress sale. But if you need to buy immediately, do a price check two to four weeks after your purchase. If the item you bought goes on sale in that time frame, some stores will refund the difference.”