Looking for a New TV? Here's When to Shop to Get the Best Prices

Know the best time of year to buy a TV before you start picking out your new screen.

Whether you’re upgrading the man cave or looking to replace an outdated television with a SmartTV, you might think shopping around Black Friday is your best bet at a deal on a TV, but these experts say that isn’t necessarily the best time of year to buy a TV if you want to save as much money as possible. Read on for how to spot the deals and plan your purchase so you don’t miss the best time to buy a TV.

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Shop early

When is the best time to buy a TV? Well, there’s a cycle to everything, including when major electronics go on sale. TV sales happen to be timed with the annual Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. That’s when the big developers unveil their latest models and technologies for everything from televisions to smart refrigerators to cell phone upgrades, according to Michelle Madhok, online shopping expert and founder of deals site She Finds.

“Usually new models for electronics are released in January when they have the Consumer Electronics Show, and that’s when all old models go on sale,” Madhok says. “If you’re looking to buy a TV and you don’t need the latest model, you can usually wait until February.”

If you can hold onto your current television a little longer, you can get a better deal on a newer model by waiting. Once you have that new TV, learn how to clean a flat screen TV properly to keep it in shape until the next time you need to buy.

Of course, the Consumer Electronics Show isn’t just for televisions. You can keep an eye out for announcements of new models of major appliances around this time. Sales on those items will coincide with sales for televisions. You’ll also see an uptick in sales for cell phones and related technologies each September, after Apple holds its iPhone and Apple Watch conference.

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Try sales around the holidays

The biggest doorbuster sale of the year for electronics is Black Friday, of course.

“You’ll see a lot of Black Friday sales for the electronics, too—not just televisions,” Madhok says.

These November sales are always closely followed by Cyber Monday, where online retailers like Amazon shine.

Plan ahead to make the most of these late-in-the-year sales. You usually have plenty of warning and tons of ways to strategize your purchases during Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales, with regular previews and coverage of the sales before they begin.

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Use coupons, cashback offers, and gift cards

Madhok says buying from most big box stores will give you some sort of option for financing, or paying back a large TV purchase over time. You can also take a look at the in-house credit offerings if you’re springing for a TV with all of the latest features.

Madhok says to pay attention to potential cashback offers your credit card companies might offer for purchases at certain stores. You can also scan sites such as Gift Card Granny to see about purchasing a large gift card at a discounted price to use at the store when you shop.

If you’re shopping at a large electronics store such as Best Buy, keep an eye on their prices even after you bring your new TV home. Best Buy and other retailers will price match if the same television you bought goes on sale shortly after your purchase—just be sure to read the fine print for details.

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