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Beware of These 3 Common Missteps Before Consolidating Your Debt
Debt consolidation can be a helpful way to get out of debt—as long as you don't dig yourself a deeper hole.
Hotels vs. Airbnbs: Which Is the Cheaper Option for You?
The answer depends on a number of factors, including location and group size.
How to Maximize Your Tax Refund (and Avoid Tax Penalties), Courtesy of the Money Confidential Podcast
In the second episode of "Taxes in Ten," learn how to make sure you're getting every penny back that you're entitled to, and avoid paying extra fees.
How (and Why) to Live on One Income in a Two-Income Household
Financial experts share why you should think about living on one income—and steps to make it happen without it feeling like a punishment. 
Why You Should Consider a Cash Back Credit Card This Year
Cash back credit cards are a good pick if you don't want to pursue travel rewards and prefer to reap your rewards in cash back statement credits or bank deposits.  But they're not for everyone.

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Experts say that 20 percent down you heard about (perhaps from your parents) is a myth in 2022. Here are your best ways around it, and how to plan.
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Here's your guide to what can and cannot be deducted on annual tax returns.