Is FSBO right for you?

By Kelsey Mulvey
June 01, 2020

We won't sugarcoat it: Putting your beloved home on the market is stressful. (The cost of selling a house alone is enough to dissuade some people.) In addition to prepping your home for its market debut, working on its curb appeal, and figuring where you'll live next (if only buying a house were easier), you also have to find a well-connected realtor who will ensure your house is sold for a fair price. During the coronavirus crisis, there can be an extra layer of stress to the whole process, though the good news is that people are still buying and selling their homes and moving.

Between swapping emails, booking showings, and negotiating their commission, working with a realtor isn't always easy, which is why some people forgo using a realtor altogether and list their space "For Sale by Owner." (You've seen the signs, surely.)