Money Management Tips and Finance Basics

Confused when it comes to managing your money? Learn how to save, budget, get out of debt, and more.

Saving and Budgeting

How to Resist Spending Temptations

Is that little voice in your head saying “Spend, spend, spend”? Here’s how to silence it.

6 Common Money Woes, Solved

Your guide to buying and saving—without skimping. 

Your Guide to Money Etiquette


Get advice on how to handle sticky financial situations.


How Color Affects Your Spending

Find out which colors are subconciously associated with certain feelings, and how that affects how much you spend at the mall.

5 Fixes for Money Worries

These smart, simple suggestions will help you keep calm about your finances―and stay above water.

How to Reboot Your Retirement Savings Plan

If you’ve veered off track with your savings plan, rest assured. These easy steps will help you get back on course.

6 Numbers for Financial Success

Successful money management is impossible if you don't know what financial goals to set. Here, you'll find expert-recommended financial targets that help you save and spend smarter.

Money Missteps That Matter

How to keep your financial foibles from costing you big bucks.

How to Prevent Money Troubles After a Disaster


Learn how to keep track of valuables and their worth—just in case you ever need to file a claim with your home owner’s insurance company.


Credit Cards 101

Know what you're getting into when you swipe that little piece of plastic.

Form for Tracking Weekly Expenses

Track your spending for one week to help determine what expenses you can cut back on or eliminate.


Shopping 101

Can You Handle the Cost of Having a Baby?

From the delivery to diapers and childcare, babies can be costly. Make sure you know what it takes to financially support a child.

The Single Woman’s Guide to Money

Take control of your finances with these tips for success.

How to Finally Stop Fighting About Money

You’ve heard it before (and might even have personal “data” to back it up): Money is the number one cause of marital strife. Financial planner Jeff Motske, the author of The Couple’s Guide to Financial Compatibility, offers five strategies that you can take to the bank—together.

How to Lend Money to Your Family Members

Whether it’s for an overdue bill or to fund a new business, a relative will ask for financial help at some point. Follow these tips for a smoother lending process.

Navigating Finances as a Couple

Three things to consider when dealing with money in the context of a relationship.