Finding a ride is easy these days—but figuring out how to tip properly is complicated. Do you tip Uber drivers? If so, how much? We have the answers.

By Cari Wira Dineen
Updated January 19, 2018
Person using Uber app on iPhone
Credit: Bloomberg/Getty Images

Should you tip an Uber driver? And if you’re supposed to tip Uber drivers, how much? Whether or not to tip your Uber drivercan be confusing—especially when ridesharing comes into play. While the ubiquitous ride service originally claimed that gratuity was included in your fare, the company now offers a tipping option in the app, prompting you to tip your Uber driver at the end of your ride. In short, your tip is not included in your Uber ride fare. Here’s what you need to know about tipping your Uber driver:

Do You Tip Uber Drivers?

Uber introduced tipping as a way to "say thank you to drivers for going the extra mile to make your ride enjoyable," according to an Uber spokesperson. That said, "Of course tipping is completely optional, but it's always appreciated." In fact, drivers have earned more than $200 million in tips since in-app tipping launched in June 2017.

From an etiquette standpoint, tipping is absolutely necessary, says Sharon Schweitzer, international etiquette expert and the founder of Protocol & Etiquette Worldwide. While tipping is never really expected, she says, it’s always appreciated—and for people in the service industry, it’s often how they make a bulk of their income. “Taxi and limousine drivers receive tips, so Uber drivers, who are providing the same type of service, should also receive a tip,” she says. Further, Uber has recently reduced fares, which means that drivers have to work longer hours to make the same income they used to—and tips can close up the gap for them. What if you had a less-than-stellar experience? Still leave a tip and move on, says Daniel Post, spokesperson for the Emily Post Institute, who says you can always add a review at the end of your ride.

Use the Uber App to Tip

Uber is meant to be a cashless transaction so the company recently added a new tipping function on the app. Make sure you have the latest version of the app to provide your driver a tip. You can add a tip after rating your ride. Tips can also be added from your trip history and trip receipt. You have up to 30 days after your trip is completed to give a tip. How it works: Once you rate your ride, you’ll be prompted to add a preset tip amount for your driver ($1, $2, or $5). Or you can press “Enter Custom Amount” and add the amount of tip you would like to give. Then you simply press “Done” and tip is sent. If you use UberEats for food delivery, you will have the same tipping option for your delivery person.

How Much Should You Tip Your Uber Driver?

While the app will prompt you with the preset tip amount, Post and Schweitzer both agree that you should give the standard 20 percent as a tip, taking into consideration how long the ride was (was it a quick ride around the corner or a long haul to the airport), if your driver arrived on time, your driver’s courteousness and safety while driving. “Even if it’s particularly bad service, tip something,” says Post. “Tipping should feel genuine and in the end, you should treat people the way you would like to be treated. Even if they weren’t at their best during your trip, remember that tips contribute a lot to their income.”

Will Tipping Affect My Rating?

In order to to let other drivers and Uber know their experience, Uber drivers give you and all their other passengers a rating after a ride. The good news is that tipping is only connected to your trip, not your name or profile, so whether or not you tip or how much you tip will not affect your rating. In fact, the app makes it so that drivers must rate the rider before finding out if he or she received a tip. The only thing that can affect your rating: bad behavior which leads to bad reviews and ultimately getting kicked off Uber.