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This Is the New Deadline to Get Your $1,200 Check From the Government

Some Americans will get more time to register for their Economic Impact Payment from the IRS. Here’s how to get that stimulus check. 

Here's Exactly How Dirty Your Money Is 

A new study finds that COVID may live on cash for up to 28 days—and it's not the only virus or germ on your money. 

How to Take Advantage of Store Closings for Great Deals This Holiday Season

A record number of stores have filed for bankruptcy or are shutting the doors of some of their locations. For consumers, that means serious bargains. 

The Government May Owe Millions of People Up to $1,200 Apiece. Are You One of Them?

The IRS is mailing roughly 9 million people letters about their potential eligibility for the Economic Impact Payment. Here's how to know if you qualify. 

How To Get an Extra $300 a Week In Unemployment Benefits

Here's which states will offer this, which are already paying the benefit, and how you can get it. 

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