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‘It Feels Like a Joke.’ A College Grad's Life on Unemployment

Millions face a loss of their unemployment benefits in December, a report released Wednesday found. Here's how one woman is coping on unemployment. Plus, how her budget looks pre-COVID versus now. 

This Is the New Deadline to Get Your $1,200 Check From the Government

Some Americans will get more time to register for their Economic Impact Payment from the IRS. Here’s how to get that stimulus check. 

‘The Tension Just Rose’: Money Was Tight, So This Divorcing Couple Was Forced to Live Together For Months

Divorce rates are expected to jump significantly in the second half of 2020—and that’s coming at a time when we can least afford it. Plus, how to divorce when money is tight.

‘My Life Has Shut Down’: When COVID-19 Symptoms Linger, Money Troubles Often Follow

A new survey shows that 1 in 3 people may suffer lasting symptoms from coronavirus. We talk to women who endured this about the health and financial impacts they faced.

How to Take Advantage of Store Closings for Great Deals This Holiday Season

A record number of stores have filed for bankruptcy or are shutting the doors of some of their locations. For consumers, that means serious bargains. 

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