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By Madison Alcedo
Updated July 28, 2016
Hand holding credit cards
Credit: Brand New Images/Getty Images

Feel like you’re always being hit with credit card fees? Now might be the time to apply for a new card. According to a recent report by, which analyzed 100 popular credit cards, the number of fees charged by companies has significantly decreased since last year.

The surveyed cards charge a total of 593 fees, down from 613 last year, and have an average of six different fees. The most common ones include late payment and cash advance fees, which are charged by 99 and 98 of the 100 cards, respectively. Other upcharges to watch out for include balance transfer, annual, and overlimit fees.

But there’s good news for travelers. Many credit card companies are nixing foreign transaction fees. Only 61 of the 100 cards surveyed still charge cardholders for making international purchases, down 16 from last year.

Curious to know where your credit card stands? See which cards have the fewest potential fees—and which have the most—below:

Fewest Potential Fees

  1. Pentagon Federal Credit Union Promise Visa Card (0)
  2. Capital One Platinum (average credit) (2)
  3. Capital One Secured MasterCard (2)
  4. Capital One Spark Cash Select for Business (2)
  5. Journey Student Rewards from Capital One (2)
  6. SonyCard Visa from Capital One (2)
  7. Spark Miles Select by Capital One (2)

Most Potential Fees

  1. First Premier Bank Credit Card (12)
  2. First Premier Bank Secured MasterCard (12)
  3. Club Carlson Business Rewards Visa (11)
  4. Credit One Visa Platinum (11)

To see the full report, click here.