The storm may have passed, but you can still lend a hand—even from far away.

By Real Simple Editors
Updated September 13, 2019
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Nearly two weeks after Hurricane Dorian swept through the Bahamas and up the Southeastern coast of the U.S., the people and communities affected are still working tirelessly to pick up the pieces, find missing loved ones, and rebuild from the catastrophic damage. And while weather can be one scary force we can’t control, there are things we can control, like pitching in—even in the smallest ways—to help those in need get the help they deserve on the ground.

While you may not live anywhere near the storm’s devastating path, there are still ways to lend a hand and have a positive impact on affected communities, like those on the Abaco Islands in the Bahamas. According to, repairs for the damage done by this once category 5 hurricane will reportedly cost The Bahamas billions of dollars—and that's just one example.

With that in mind, NPR reports that the Bahamas’ government is seeking donations, but of a specific nature—donating funds is the preferred form of aid, since cash is the most versatile form of relief. Here are some of the best avenues for donating much-needed funds in impacted areas.

The Bahamas National Emergency Management Agency

If you want to donate money directly to the Bahamas National Emergency Management Agency, you can do that here. If you’re more inclined to donate items, make sure you’re actually sending what they need, thanks to this preferred list of donation goods for disaster relief.

Grand Bahama Disaster Relief

This charity is run by the Coastal Community Foundation of South Carolina, an IRS-approved 501(c)(3) public charity based in Charleston, S.C. You can make a $25-minimum tax-deductible donation to the Grand Bahama Disaster Relief philanthropy via check, wire, or online donation via its Go Fund Me or online donations portal.

The Caribbean Disaster Emergency Management Agency

Donate directly to the government of the Bahamas through CDEMA, using the instructions here.

Hurricane Dorian Relief Fund

Hurricane Dorian Relief Fund “will support people impacted by Hurricane Dorian's storm system in the form of emergency supplies like food, water, and medicine, in addition to longer-term recovery assistance to help residents recover and rebuild.”

World Central Kitchen

This organization, set up by chef José Andrés, is on the ground providing thousands of meals to survivors of the storm (they just recently served their 100,000th meal!). Donate here to support their amazing efforts.

Clara Lionel Foundation

Singer Rihanna’s organization is providing aid to the Bahamas by supporting major emergency grants. You can help contribute to CLF’s emergency response efforts here.


This Bahamian foundation, which has organized operations and managed millions of dollars in relief funds for Hurricanes Matthew and Joaquin, has a Go Fund Me site for Dorian victims as well.

American Red Cross

The Red Cross is accepting both monetary and blood donations, to ensure that hospitals are prepared to provide life-saving blood for those who need it most in affected areas. To donate funds, do so online here. Learn more about how to donate blood through the American Red Cross.

Team Rubicon

In preparation for Dorian’s landfall, Team Rubicon deployed teams to the Bahamas to immediately serve survivors, while more teams were on standby to respond to Dorian's impact along the East Coast. What began as a small-but-mighty effort to save lives by several marines, veterans, first responders, and other volunteers after the catastrophic earthquakes in Haiti, is now a large organization that was at the ready for Dorian's hit. You can donate here.


“To address the critical health needs of survivors, Americares is mobilizing additional medical professionals and response experts to support Americares on-going relief efforts.” Join their efforts to save lives with the help of a donation here.

Salvation Army

Support Salvation Army relief operations here.

Find even more pre-vetted philanthropies that are supporting Hurricane Dorian relief efforts through Charity Navigator.