Keep these smart strategies mind when you’re looking at listings or heading to an open house.

By Sarah Yang
July 27, 2017

Shopping for a home can be a bit daunting, but the Property Brothers, Drew and Jonathan Scott, are here to help. The HGTV stars have teamed up with Chase and Google, who have released a “Search for Home Snapshot,” which looks at what people are searching for in order to find more information about homeownership. Potential homebuyers might turn to Google to learn about mortgages (the South leads the pack when it comes to who searches the most), different styles of homes (the top five searches on Google included mansions and yurts), and more common questions, but the Scott brothers have years of expertise, plus successful TV shows and a book under their belts to share their own secrets. Drew and Jonathan shared their best tips for making the home search and renovation process a little easier.

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