Financial Advice and Money Etiquette

Not sure if that extra service is worth it or need advice on lending to friends? Experts share their wisdom on money etiquette and dilemmas.

The Cost of Living

How Much Will a Pet Cost You?

Providing for a pet can be expensive. If your child is begging for a lovable critter of his or her own, consult this guide to find out what type of pet is the best fit for your household’s budget.

How to Get Credit Without a Job

Even if you aren't a wage-earner, you can still get credit. Learn how.

Your Money or Your Time?

To save one, you often have to spend the other. (And you never seem to have enough of either, do you?) Here’s how to make the right call.

The Truth About Credit-Protection Services

If you’re in dire straits, a credit-protection program might seem like the answer. Learn what our experts have to say before signing up for this largely unregulated service.

6 Common Money Woes, Solved

Your guide to buying and saving—without skimping. 

How to Lend or Borrow Money

Whether you’re the lender or borrower, this guide to money etiquette will keep you out of sticky situations.


Is It Worth It?

Is an Extended Warranty Worth It?

Get the facts on extended warranties before heading to the electronics store.

Is It Worth It to Host a Home-Shopping Party?

Get the facts about home-shopping parties before you consider hosting one.