You may sell it faster and make more money if you list your house in this month.

By Sarah Yang and Lauren Phillips
April 05, 2018

You might want to wait until late spring to put your house on the market. According to a new report from Zillow, listing your home at that time will increase your chances of selling it faster and for more money. In fact, across the nation, homes listed between May 1 and May 15 often sell almost two weeks sooner and for $2,400 more, on average, than homes listed at other times of the year.

Zillow analyzed 24 large real estate markets in the United States; for 14 of them, the first half of May is the best time to list a property for a shorter for-sale period and a higher final price. Zillow also found that listing your home on certain days of the week can also pay off—nationwide, the best day to put a home on the market is Saturday (though Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday are also good days for many large markets).

The experts at Zillow suggest that low inventory during this time may be the cause of this change in the market—and it’s especially more pronounced in highly competitive cities. Houses in popular cities like Seattle, Portland, and Sacramento sold for 1.5 to 2.1 percent more in early May.

A shortage of available homes—a.k.a. low inventory—at the beginning of the spring home shopping season means many people searching for a new home (including first-time homebuyers) are increasingly eager to find a property before summer hits ... and are possibly willing to pay more for the right place.

Each of the 24 large metro areas Zillow analyzed has its own magic window for listing a home—check it out here, and note the average increases in final sale price and decreases in time on the market for your area. Waiting until May could earn you thousands more on your home sale, money that can help with the surprising costs of selling a property.