The site offers low-cost sample boxes that come with a promotional coupon of the same value, essentially cancelling out the cost.

By Blake Bakkila
Updated April 28, 2017

Amazon offers a variety of sample boxes available for a limited time only with your Prime account. Members can log in and navigate to the sample boxes page to select a box to be delivered to their door. According to the company’s terms and conditions, members who buy a sample box get a promotional credit equal to the purchase price of their box of choice. The samples provided may vary, and shipping charges and taxes may apply.

One of the options available now is called “New Year New You,” and it includes samples of protein powders, vitamins, and other supplements. The box contains 14 or more products to sample, including razors and soaps, among other things. The “Mr Olympia” box has 10 samples of protein powders and nutrition bars. And the fourth box listed is a Crest 3D White kit, containing three samples from the Crest 3D White line: a top and bottom strip of Crest Whitestrips 1 Hour Express, a tube of Radiant Mint Toothpaste, and Oral B Deep Clean Floss. Previous offerings included a dog food and treats box.

The sample box service launched in March 2016, Amazon’s consumer public relations representative Catie Kroon tells Real Simple. The boxes range from $4.99 to $19.99 and are exclusive to Prime members in the U.S. There was no official announcement about the release of the boxes, but Kroon says Amazon is “constantly testing ways to add value to the Amazon Prime program.”

In addition to the boxes mentioned, parents-to-be can also get their hands on Amazon’s Baby Registry Welcome Box. Select customers with active Prime accounts can set up a baby registry using’s checklist feature. Once the registry is complete and more than $10 of merchandise has been purchased, the registree can claim a box with “a selection of products for both baby and parents,” according to Amazon’s FAQ about the service.