Low-stress, commute-free, and flexible? These jobs that let you work from home have it all, and they're available in a variety of different fields.

By Lauren Phillips
Updated February 23, 2018
Woman working from home
Credit: Juzant/Getty Images

Finding a dependable job that pays enough and offers good benefits can be tricky; finding a job that does all that, is low-stress, and offers flexibility (or, even better, the option to work remotely) can be nearly impossible. Working parents—or anyone seeking a little more work-life balance—looking for these sorts of jobs can relax a little, though, thanks to a recent list of low-stress, work from home jobs released by remote job search site FlexJobs.

Using data from the Occupational Information Network (O*NET), FlexJobs compiled a list of the least-stressful jobs that also allow for work flexibility—and even the possibility to work remotely. All the jobs ranked (297 in FlexJob’s full list) required stress tolerance levels of less than 70 on a 100-point stress scale and, as the list says, are excellent job options for working parents.

In a recent survey, FlexJobs found that 95 percent of working parents surveyed thought having a job with work flexibility would help them be better parents, and 91 percent believed it would help them be healthier and take better care of themselves. And who wouldn’t feel better overall with a low-stress job?

Best of all, FlexJob’s list links to flexible and remote job openings in all 297 fields, so you can start making positive changes in your work-life balance now.

The top 10 jobs in the ranking are:

1. Archivist (Stress Level: 52)

2. Materials Scientist (Stress Level: 53)

3. Food Scientist (Stress Level: 56)

4. Bioinformatics Scientist (Stress Level: 56)

5. Travel Agent (Stress Level: 57)

6. Museum Technician (Stress Level: 57)

7. Environmental Science Technician (Stress Level: 58)

8. Statistician (Stress Level: 59)

9. Economist (Stress Level: 59)

10. Surveying Technician (Stress Level: 61)

Scroll through the rest of FlexJob’s list of low-stress jobs with work flexibility here.