The acronym “TGIF” has never been more appropriate.

By Blake Bakkila
Updated June 23, 2017
PeopleImages/Getty Images

Grab a glass of your favorite rosé—it’s time to toast the longest Friday of 2017.

On Wednesday, we celebrated the longest day of the year and first official day of the summer season. It’s important to note that “longest” means that it had the most sunlight, or length of time between sunrise and sunset. And though the Summer Solstice has come and gone, this Friday is nearly as long (just 11 seconds shorter!) as Wednesday.

On the east coast, the sun came up at 5:25 a.m. and is due to set at 8:31 p.m. In total, there’s 15 hours, 5 minutes and 24 seconds of sun-soaked summertime.

With the extra day length and sunshine, it’s time for even more outdoor fun. And while restaurants are offering special deals, like TGI Fridays’ 16-Hour Happy Hour, it’s easy to spend your happiest hours in the comfort of your own home.

Check out Real Simple’s list of tips for an effortless outdoor summer party if you’re planning on a last-minute shindig with friends and family. Or play bartender for the evening and grab a blender to make your very own frosé, among other summer cocktail favorites.

If you’re in a pinch to prepare a summery meal for the entire family to enjoy, the perfect dinner is just 20 minutes away with these go-to recipes you can make on the grill or stove.

However you plan to celebrate this extra-special, sun-filled Friday, be sure to protect your skin and lather up with one of these eight editor-approved sunscreens.