Life Strategies

Meet the Woman Changing the Plus-Size Clothing Industry

Jodi Arnold had an $8 million eponymous clothing brand sold at Barneys New York and other high-end stores. Then 
a bad economy took it down. She came back stronger, with the plus-size line Eloquii, which had sales of $20 million last year. Arnold, 49, spoke to Real Simple about failure, dreams, and transforming lives—including her own—through fashion.

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5 Strategies for Fighting Fair

Arguing with your partner is part of life—but having the skills to keep things from escalating can mean the difference between a devastating battle and a win-win. Here, a couples therapist, a philosopher, and three other fight club refs help increase the odds of not going to bed mad.

These Tests Can Determine the Strength of Your Relationship

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2 Questions You Need to Ask Yourself When Dealing With a Narcissist

Because you can be sure they won't be asking you anything.

3 Expert Tips to Handle Oversharers

How to deal with a case of TMI.

How to Work From Home (and Still Get Things Done)

Whether it's an occasional event or your routine, working from home can be tricky. Lines blur, and it's easy to feel as if you're on both clocks 24/7. Austin, Texas-based career expert Holly Reisem Hanna offers strategies. 

Don’t Leave Your Performance Review Without Asking This One Question

Make sure you have this answer by the time you get back to your desk.