By Kristin van Ogtrop
Updated January 22, 2015
Taghi Naderzad

1. Why is the air conditioning turned up so high in so many stores and restaurants?
2. Why do boys need bathing suits when they can just swim in shorts?
3. Why do so many people have tattoos? Didn’t their parents teach them about regret?
4. Why are raspberries so expensive, even in the summer?
5. Why is it unacceptable to wear a bike helmet once you are a teenager?
6. Why don’t women who wear see-through skirts wear slips? Do they really want me to see their underwear?
7. Why is it so hard to make pizza on the grill?
8. Why is self-tanner so sticky?
9. Why don’t European adults wear shorts?
10. Why aren’t the Olympics held every year?
11. If rose is so delicious, why do we only drink it in the summer?
12. Why is crab grass taking over my yard, but not my next-door neighbor’s?
13. Why aren’t there more solar-powered outdoor lights?
14. Why don’t (most) men wear white pants?

What are the things you just don’t get about summer?