By Kristin van Ogtrop
Updated January 22, 2015
Couple walking and holding hands
Credit: Melanie Acevedo/Getty Images

Like many women in my demographic, I spent an enjoyable couple of hours over the holidays watching It’s Complicated. The movie was a real thought-starter for me, and left me with more than a few difficult questions:

1. Do I only like Nancy Meyers movies because the characters always have such nice houses?

2. Should I be depressed that “my kind of movie” now features middle-aged bourgeois characters with middle-aged, bourgeois problems? Does this mean I need to radically change my life?

3. How does Meryl Streep just get more beautiful by the year? Has she had plastic surgery?

4. Can Alec Baldwin possibly be sexy, even with the giant gut? Is it—horrors—the smoker’s voice that does it?

5. Finally, is it better to attach yourself to an untrustworthy, charismatic rake or a reliable sweet guy who may one day bore you to death?

Ah, that eternal question.


Pro: Never a dull moment.

Con: Why is he making a cell phone call behind a closed bathroom door?


Pro: He will always be nice to you, forever and ever.

Con: It is possible to begin hating someone just because they are too nice. Really, it happens.

Thoughts? I’ve been trying to answer this question since I was about 18, and I still don’t have it nailed.