If you’re hunting for deals this holiday season, here’s what you need to know.

By Lauren Phillips
October 14, 2020
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Black Friday 2020 is going to look a lot different than it did in years past everywhere, but especially at Walmart. It’s already well known that Walmart Black Friday deals are great every year and many people turn to Walmart on the Friday after Thanksgiving (aka Black Friday) and Cyber Monday to kick off their holiday shopping with amazing discounts. This year, though, as COVID-19 risk makes people wary of in-store shopping, many stores have announced that they don’t plan to host Black Friday sales this year, and economic challenges force many people to rethink their holiday spending, it’s to be expected that Walmart will change its approach a bit. Enter Black Friday Deals for Days.

Instead of hosting a single day of doorbusters and incredible discounts, Walmart is spreading out its Black Friday savings to three events throughout the month of November. Announced October 14, Deals for Days is Walmart’s adaptation to offer incredible deals before the holiday gifting season begins while providing a safer, more convenient shopping experience for Christmas gifts, end-of-year splurges, and more.

Walmart’s Black Friday Deals for Days events begin November 4, November 11, and November 25. Each savings event begins online at Walmart.com and then continues into stores a few days later, and customers can pick up their online Black Friday orders through contact-free curbside pickup throughout the Deals for Days, so shipping delays aren’t a concern.

The November 4 event will include deals on toys, electronics, and home products. On November 4, deals on TVs and bath towels (among other items) will go live at 7 p.m. ET on Walmart’s website. On November 7, more deals will be available in Walmart stores on still more items, and more deals will be available on the website.

The same staggered online and in-store deal availability will happen again on November 11, with deals in-store on November 14, with more deals on TVs, computers, and tablets. The November 25 event (with in-store discounts starting November 27) will offer great prices on more electronics, toys, gifts, and seasonal decor.

The goal of this new spread-out Black Friday is to keep some of the best deals online, so store crowding isn’t a concern, and to make the whole shopping bonanza safer and more manageable for customers and employees. On in-store shopping days (November 7, 14, and 27), there will be strict rules on lines to enter the stores, shopping carts will be sanitized, and employees will enforce Walmart’s mask policy at the door. The number of shoppers allowed into the store will also be limited to avoid crowding and promote social distancing.

From a safety perspective, this shift in Walmart’s Black Friday approach is definitely a better option than the typical Black Friday rush. Still, it’s important to be cautious: The CDC lists “going shopping in crowded stores just before, on, or after Thanksgiving” as a higher risk activity. If at all possible, try to complete your shopping and deal hunting online and limit your trips to the store—remember, some of the so-called hottest deals will be available online, according to Walmart’s Black Friday Deals for Days announcement.

If you’re focused on deal hunting this year, you’ll want to keep an eye on Walmart’s website (we suggest watching the best Christmas movies on Netflix while you shop). Having multiple days of online deal-hunting is certainly more time-consuming than just the one or two we had last year, but there’s a good chance you’ll be able to get better online deals than ever—and there’s no better time than 2020 to try to save money where you can. Pick a few Black Friday quotes for motivation and make your shopping plan: Deals await.