By Kristin van Ogtrop
Updated January 22, 2015
Jamie Grill/Getty Images

Ok, I realize that is a convoluted sentiment, but bear with me.

Last week I had lunch with my old friend Richard, a fellow magazine editor and very entertaining guy. Near the end of lunch, he remarked, “You know, after 50 years of living, I’ve come to realize one thing that is absolutely true: People feel the exact same way about you that you feel about them.”

He went on to explain that this principle does not apply to your nearest and dearest, but rather to those other supporting characters acting in the dramedy of your life. And to answer your question: Yes, absolutely, the people you work with.

So I have spent the time since that lunch scrolling through the Rolodex (remember those?) in my head to try to figure out who detests me, who just tolerates me, who finds me charming and wonderful, and who never wants to see me again for as long as they live.

And the question remains: Is Richard right?