Real Simple readers explain how they treat themselves. 

By Real Simple
Updated March 15, 2017
Illustration: makeup and beauty products
Credit: Dinkoobraz/Getty Images

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Illustration: makeup and beauty products
Credit: Dinkoobraz/Getty Images

1 Illustration: makeup and beauty products

“Every four weeks, I have my eyebrows tinted. It looks so good, I hardly need makeup for days. Yes, I may look like Groucho Marx while it sets, but if the eyes are the windows to the soul, then the eyebrows are the window treatments!” — Kate Napleton Kysiak, Chicago


“Salon hair color. The time spent in my hairdresser’s chair forces me to relax like nothing else. Plus, my hair always looks great.” — @BMCKIRGAN65


“Eyelash extensions. When I first heard about them, they seemed too hoitytoity for me. But oh man, they’ve made life much easier. I have a 2-month-old, so to be able to get out of the house without a stitch of makeup on and look bright-eyed has been wonderful. The upkeep and cost are a splurge, but they are so, so worth it.” — Megan Baker, Grants Pass, Oregon


“A quality, high-SPF sunscreen. It’s a necessary luxury when you live in Hawaii. My husband has had skin cancer scares, and we want to teach our son good habits early on.” — Lauren Whittemore, Kailua-Kona, Hawaii


“Any of the Smashbox primers. The undereye one is AMAZING.” — @MAMATARDIS


“Ipsy, a beauty subscription box. I am a makeup novice, so it’s nice to try new products and beauty regimens without committing to a full-size, full-price product.” — Stephanie Stutzman, Eugene, Oregon


“Clé de Peau concealer. It’s truly life-changing. It may be $70, but it lasts forever. No dark circle or zit is safe! I’ll never switch.” — Vanessa Muro, New York City


“A hot bath, sometimes nightly: The expense is minimal, and I allow myself to use my time at night to decompress from my day. Most nights I could find a million other things to do—wash dishes, grade papers, fold or put away laundry. Taking the time for myself gives me the mental and physical recharge that I need so I can feel happier and healthier the next day.” — Kourtney Davis Rabinowitz, Lenoir, North Carolina


“Drybar blowouts! From the relaxing scalp massage to the delicious-smelling products, it is always such an invigorating experience that is worth every penny. They truly make hair magic happen.” — Grace Bronson, Queen Creek, Arizona


“A monthly massage. As a photographer, I’m constantly on my feet carrying around a heavy bag or sitting slouched at a computer while editing. Getting a massage each month has made all the difference in how I feel! I don’t feel bad about the monthly expense when I can tell how much stress is relieved each time I go.” — Taylor Heyward, Charleston, South Carolina


“My mother always told me: Never skimp on good shoes, good bras, and good foundation.” — Marla Robin Hoffman, Bordentown, New Jersey


“Dr. Bronner’s liquid castile soap! Big bottles are around $18, but the soap is concentrated and organic and doesn’t make me break out.” — Amanda Parker, Mims, Florida


“Oribe dry texturizing spray. I went on a girls’ trip for my best friend’s birthday, and I forgot my dry shampoo. One of the girls lent this one to me, and I gladly bought a can for myself! It’s my one indulgence. Not only is it great at absorbing grease, but it also adds volume and style (and smells fabulous!).” — Kelsey Holder, Tulsa, Oklahoma