Time Management

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Time management, like everything else, is personal, says workplace expert Carson Tate, the author of the book Work Simply. The trick is to know your “productivity style” and to play to it. Tate breaks down the 
four styles—and how each can function to maximum capacity.

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How to Stop Procrastinating

We’ve all been there: You have a deadline that is weeks ahead, and you’re very comfortable with how much time you have to complete your task. Suddenly, the due date looms nearer and nearer, but you continually put off the work until it’s midnight the night before it’s due! We’re all guilty of procrastinating, whether it’s on a project, on cleaning our bathroom, on planning our event, or on basic tasks, like finally going grocery shopping. What is often harder than actually completing the task is figuring out how to stop procrastination before it starts. As your to-do list continues to grow, the job can become even more daunting (which is why we start procrastinating in the first place… we’re too intimidated by the task!) How do we motivate ourselves to get moving early in the process, and complete a project in a reasonable amount of time? We asked seven organized, motivated experts to share their best tactics to tune out the distractions and stay on task—and how to bring yourself back into focus after you’ve strayed away from your to-do list. Follow their simple, yet effective advice, and you certain to end up being the most productive person in the office!