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Finally, people around us often see things before we ourselves do. If you start to hear a lot of off-hand comments or complaints from your loved ones along the lines of: "You're so busy," or "You're wearing yourself thin," or "I never see you anymore," it's one of the surest signs that your time needs an overhaul.

Try this: Don't write these comments off as meaningless nags—your friends and family care about you and are likely seeing something you're not, which may be a progression in an unhealthy direction. Stop, take a day to yourself (even if you have to take a day off work), go somewhere peaceful, and assess your life priorities and your time. See if you can delegate or outsource tasks (if you can afford it, we officially order you to delegate and let go!). Most of all, don't be so hard on yourself. Change doesn't happen overnight. By this time next year, aim to hear comments more like, "It's so nice seeing you again."

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