By Dave Baldwin
Updated October 07, 2010
Credit: Ian Dingman

Few things are more frustrating than being stuck on hold with your provider, listening to John Tesh’s greatest hits while an automated voice repeatedly assures you that “your call is important to us.” To reach an agent as quickly as possible, “call midmorning on a Wednesday,” says Lee Valentini, the director of voice and service-center operations at Amica Mutual Insurance Company. “The call center will be fully staffed, which might not be the case come Friday. Although that’s the next best time, since call volume is typically light then.” (Note: If you have an emergency or need to file a claim, contact your agent directly or dial the company’s 24-hour claims hotline.) Avoid ringing your insurer on the weekend, when fewer phone representatives are working, which can lead to longer wait times. Also, “these shifts are often staffed with less experienced agents,” says Valentini, meaning the entire call may take significantly longer.